»Von Ameisen und Sternkörpern«, 2011-13

Scientists search for knowledge. They see, investigate, experience and observe. They experiment, analyse and compare. They search for alternatives. They connect, conclude and try to understand.

The results are unpredictable, and, depending on one's personal view, may be considered questionable, frightning, promising or enlightening. They may enrich mankind's knowledge, cure diseases and help to improve life, or offer means to destroy it.

Just as science, photography offers a tool to explore the world. A tool thought of as non-judgemental and therefore close to a neutral scientific approach. Photography renders things visible it shows what has occured in front of the camera. Philosopher Roland Barthes phrased it for us: that has been. But what is there to come?

I photographed at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, a complex built in the 1960s following ideas of the 1920s area of modernism. Once it was referred to as "the university of the future".

Feeling like an explorer myself I examined the university grounds, using my camera as scientific instrument to observe. The series is enriched by studio imagery of scientific models I encountered in various faculty archives.

The work approaches the complexity of human knowledge and traces its visibility. Reoccurring geometric forms hint at the multi-layered interaction of natural and cultural spheres in scientific research.

Supported by Goethe-Institut Moscow.